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TherXpert Heat Cool Software (THCS) has been developed to track the temperature of parts or products during the entire heating and/or cooling cycle. This could be a handy tool to determine how long to heat or cool parts inside a furnace or what should be the furnace profile to attain the desired final tempearture. Additionally it could be used as a virtual thermocouple to track the temperaure of a body during heating and cooling cycle.

M O D U L E S   A N D   F E A T U R E S

Unit System

The software is designed for both English and Metric units. For Metric the user can select either Watt or kCal/hr as heat rate unit.

Part Configuration

User provides the shape, material and dimensions of the parts to be heated.

Placement Configuration

User provides the placement and orientation of the part inside the furnace. For example, you have to tell if the part is heated from all sides or if it is placed on the hearth. In addition, you have to tell if the part is vertically or horizontally placed on the floor.

Boundary Condition

  • User provides air/gas (atmosphere) velocity inside the furnace at each surface of the part. The software has the capability to estimate these values if the user does not have them handy.
  • For Radiation Boundary Condition the user provides the view factor.
  • For Heat Flux Boundary Condition the user provides Heat Flux value for the surface exposed to Heat Flux.
  • For Temperature Boundary Condition the user provides the Tempearture of the surface the side is exposed to.



We have also kept provision to input actual furnace temperature from CSV files or could be connected to your SCADA system.

The software does 3D simulation to make the prediction as close to the real world.

Excel Spread Sheet: The results can also be exported to an excel spread sheet.

Operating System: The new software is developed on dot net technology and runs seamless on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8.and 10

Price of the software: *SINGLE USER Annual / Perpetual license

FurnXpert Utility Software USD 399 USD 599

Technical Support:The technical support package entitles the user to help-desk support via telephone or e-mail for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period the user will also be provided with free software upgrades, as they become available. The technical support package can be renewed at 20% price of the software after the end of evry year.

Multi User Discounts: Multi User License Discounts are available. Discounts: 5 10 license 10% discount, more than 10 licenses 15% discount

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