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FurnXpert Batch 2016 Software offers the ability to design, simulate amd size Batch Furnaces primarily used in wide variety of Batch Furnaces like Boggey Hearth Furnace, Car Bottom Furnace, Small Box Furnaces for applications such as sintering, annealing, brazing, hardening, Reheating and many more. The parts simulated in the software could be large or small. The software does time temperature trcaking of the parts during heating along with heat balancae, heat requirement and combustion analysis.

M O D U L E S   A N D   F E A T U R E S

Furnace Configurator: The furnace configurator module provides users the ability to create a virtual furnace. It can handle both Box or Cylindrical type furnaces. Input parameters include:

  • Furnace Insulation - Users can create their own insulation from a list of refractories
  • Heating Type - The type of heating can be either electrical or gas fired
  • Burner Type - Burner type can be either conventional or regenerative
  • Cooling Stage - User can create cooling stage (air or water cooled)

Profile Module: The software comes with a profile creation wizard. Profiles can be created from the following options:

  • Initial Furnace Temperatures
  • Soak Time & Temperature
  • Ramp Up Rate

Process Parameters: The users have the ability to vary process parameters such as temperatures, number of stages, cycle time.

Part Module: A selection of basic part shapes is provided with the software. A new part can be configured by supplying new dimensions and material properties (provided with the software). The basic parts that can be created are pipes, rounds, slabs, billets, cylinder, bushing, blocks, sheets, flange, pipes, etc.

Part Placement: The user can run furnace simulations using different part orientations to determine the effects of part placement on furnace design and performance. Part placement data include Different Container hoding the parts (Baskets, Trays, Peers, etc.), part arrangement inside the container, and container position inside the furnace.

Property Data: Provides the user with a tool to create new materials, refractory and fuel.

Heat Audit/Power Calculations: Calculates heat to part, refractory loss, refractory heat storage, heat to gases, and heat and energy/power consumed in different stages.

Results: Results include Time Temperature profile of the furnace and parts, stage wise thermal loading, stage wise fuel and air inputs in case of combustion system, and fuel/air demand during heating cycle.  Heat Balance during the entire heating cycle and total fuel and air consumed is also calculated.

Process Parameters: The users have the ability to vary process parameters such as temperatures, number of stages, cycle time.

Reports: Results from each calculation can be displayed in report format, can be directly printed or converted to PDF documents, and exported to Excel spread sheet.

Operating System

The new software is developed with dot net technology and runs seamless on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Price of the software: *SINGLE USER Perpetual license

  •   FurnXpert Batch 2016
  •   USD 1990

Technical Support:The technical support package entitles the user to help-desk support via telephone or e-mail for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period the user will also be provided with free software upgrades, as they become available. The technical support package can be renewed at 20% price of the software after the end of evry year.

Multi User Discounts: Multi User License Discounts are available. Discounts: 5 10 license 10% discount, more than 10 licenses 15% discount

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