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Unlike other FurnXpert software, which are primarily simulation tools, FurnXpert Utility Software consists of various calculation modules, that are essential for designing and sizing Industrial Furnaces. This is a simple to use software that can be used to calculate heat loss through refractory layers, compute pressure drops in piping network or across orifice plates, calculate heating and cooling time with time - tmperature profile, calculate heating and cooling rate, perform furnace sizing and design combustion equipment or heating elements. This is also a handy tool to check results run by other FurnXpert Simulation Software. No more need for Handbooks, Calculators or Spreadsheets to perform Orifice Plate Sizing, Fan Sizing, Stack Sizing and many more.

M O D U L E S   A N D   F E A T U R E S

Heat Load Calculations for Process Heating of Metals, Liquids, and Gases

  • Heat required to raise solid from an initial to a final temperature
  • Heat required to raise liquid from an initial to a final temperature
  • Heat required to raise gases from an initial to a final temperature
  • Heat required to melt solid metals

Heat Load Calculations for trays/baskets/belts/piers

  • Heat calculations to raise support or containers from an initial to a final temperature
  • Supports could be piers and containers could be trays or baskets

Heat Loss Calculations through Refractory Layers

  • Calculation of Heat Loss through multiple layers of refractories
  • Calculation of Heat Storage in multiple layers of refractories primarily for Batch Applications
  • There is a provision for integrating results for multiple surfaces

Heat Loss Calculations for Openings, Atmosphere, Water, Slots

  • Heat Loss Calculations through Furnace openings like Doors or survey ports
  • Heat requirement for heating atmospheric gases
  • Heat requirement for skid water heating
  • Heat Loss through Slots
  • Roll Loss

Heating and Cooling Time of charges in various processes

  • Calculation of total Heating and Cooling Time
  • Determination of part temeparture profile

Furnace Sizing for both Continuous and Batch Type Furnaces

  • All the Heat Losses, Heat Storage, Heat to Metal can be transferred with a click of a button
  • Select Furnace Temperature
  • Select Heating Mode. The options are Electric, Gas, or Oil Fired
  • For Electrical heating select Phase Type, Voltage and Efficiency
  • For Combustion select Fuel Type, Combustion Air Temp, Excess Air % and Fuel Temp

Combustion Analysis / Electric Power Calculations

  • Calculates Total Heat Demand and Gross Heat Input
  • Calculates Fuel and Air Rate
  • Flues Data, For Example, Heat Rate, Mass/Volume Rate and Flue Tempearture
  • Calculate Electric Power and Total Current for Electrical Heating

Stack Design Calculations

  • Calculates Theoratical Draft, Stack Frictional Loss and Stack Diamater
  • Inputs are Flue Rate, Flue Tempearture, Furnace Pressure and Stack Height

Fan Design Calculations

  • Calculates Theoratical and Actual Power
  • Inputs Gas Flow Rate, Gas Temperature, and Fan/Blower Pressure

Pressure Drop in Pipe Networks and Across Orifices Plates

  • Calculates Pressure Drop in Pipe System
  • Inputs are Pipe Dimensions, Valves & Fittings Types, and Gas or Liquid flow info
  • Calculates Pressure Drop across Orifice Plates

Loading characteristics and Furnace Length of Continuous Furnace

  • Calculates Total Furnace Length from Production Rate, Furnace Width and Residency Time
  • Calculates Transport Speed
  • Calculates Tray/Basket or Belt Mass Rate rate for a given Transport Speed

Excel Spread Sheet: The results can also be exported to an excel spread sheet.

Operating System: The new software is developed on dot net technology and runs seamless on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8.and 10

Price of the software: *SINGLE USER Annual / Perpetual license

FurnXpert Utility Software USD 299 USD 499

Technical Support:The technical support package entitles the user to help-desk support via telephone or e-mail for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period the user will also be provided with free software upgrades, as they become available. The technical support package can be renewed at 20% price of the software after the end of evry year.

Multi User Discounts: Multi User License Discounts are available. Discounts: 5 10 license 10% discount, more than 10 licenses 15% discount

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