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FurnXpert desktop/laptop programs give you the ability to analyze and simulate your thermal applications and furnaces in finer details. However, there may be instances when you want to run a quick analysis on the go, or there could be situations where you do not have the facility to turn on your desktop or laptop computers. In those situations your mobile devices may come handy. We are in the process of developing some of our applications for the mobile devices. FurnXpert Mobile Apps will complement our desktop software to get quick answers with limited inputs and interfaces. The results could be displayed on the hand held device or could be sent over the e-mail to self, customers or colleagues. The Apps will be available for both Android and Apple Smart Phones and Tablets. Currently the Apps come free with some of our desktop software. They could also be purchased directly from Google Play Store.

Refractory Heat Loss  
Price: USD 9.99
Cool Heat  
Price: USD 3.99

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